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ISLE Program

Current and Recent Programs

Welcome to the "Current and Recent Programs" of the ISLE web site. Here you will find brief descriptions and photos from the current ISLE Program, as well as from recent programs. Each of these program sites covers the following pages:

The Introductions page profiles the students and staff who will be involved in the program.

The Getting There page follows the students’ long journey to Sri Lanka.

The Session I page documents the students’ first four weeks in Sri Lanka as they explore the University campus and local areas, and move in with their host families. This page also includes photos of the Sri Lanka Studies Seminar lectures and fields trips in and around Kandy. Lastly, the Session I photos showcase the week-long Northern Tour, in which the group travels to Jaffna, Batticaloa, and the Cultural Triangle.

The Session II page covers student participation in various lectures, seminars, study tours, dance and drumming classes, and exploration of independent study venues. At the end of this session, students participate in a dance and drumming performance.

The Final session page presents some snap shots of students engaging in their independent studies, their presentations, the final tea gathering with students, staff and host families, and their final days in Sri Lanka.