ISLE Program

Spring 2013 Session III Activities

Welcome to our Session III Activities page! The final part of the semester began with the student dance performance and a community gathering at the ISLE Center. After the fun, the students departed to locations scattered throughout Sri Lanka for their Independent Field Studies. 

chrissy presentation

Above, student Chrissy Hayes presents her Independent Study topic to the other students and the Faculty Director.

girls getting ready

After classes, the students prepared for their dance performance. Above, a student receives help with the traditional Kandyan makeup for the performance.

group dance

After preparing their costumes, the students posed for a group photo (above), showing off a few of the moves from their dance performance. 

Dance Group

After the playful group photo, the students posed for a more serious photo with their dance instructors.

Men Dancing

The male students showed off their skills with the dance instructor in this photo (above) before the performance.

girls dance performance

The female students and Program Assistant Katie Seward (left) also posed for an action photo with their dance instructor.

Dance Performance

Above, the students performed the traditional Kandyan dance routine for friends, host families, staff, and faculty at the ISLE Center.


To celebrate the end of Session II, the students took turns playing a version of Pinata as friends and host families looked on.

Session III saw students travel to every corner of Sri Lanka as they worked on their Independent Study Projects. The students returned to Kandy to present their findings to the group and critique each other's papers.


Above, students present their work to their peers and professors in the outdoor patio at the ISLE Center.

student presentations 2

Every student, in addition to preparing and presenting their own presentation, read and offered questions on another student's work. This created an entertaining and engaging environment for discussion. Above, students share a smile during a light moment of conversation.


Students, faculty, and friends participated in an end of the semester cricket match at the University of Peradeniya fields. 

cricket 2

Above, Faculty Director Professor Keating picks her team.

cricket 3

Professor Keating, above, swings and misses during the match.

cricket 4

Above, student Jessica Ramirez attempts to tally a run.

The program concluded with the Final Tea. Students and their host families came to ISLE Center to celebrate a successful semester.

final tea 1

Above, students Ben Breger, Chrissy Hayes, Jessica Ramirez, and Dylan Fisher pose for a photo in their traditional Sri Lankan attire.

final tea 2

Students, friends, and host families gathered to share tea and cake at the outdoor patio at the ISLE Center.

final tea 4

The students, above, posed for a group photo together in the ISLE Center gardens. Congratulations on a fantastic semester in Sri Lanka!

final tea 5

The ISLE Staff, including Program Assistant Katie Seward and Faculty Director Cricket Keating, posed for a final photo together. The ISLE Program offers our deepest thanks to all who helped make the Spring 2013 program a success!