ISLE Program

Spring 2013 Getting There

This page chronicles the Spring 2013 students' journey to Sri Lanka, as well as some highlights from their first few days: eating Sri Lankan food, visiting Kandy, meeting host families, and their first Sinhala class.


Above, the four male students on this year's program pose for a photo at the airport terminal in London.


Chrissy, Sam, and Aleph (above) smile as they buckle in for a ten hour flight from London to Colombo.


The students stopped for some food on their way from Colombo to Kandy. Above, Ben speaks with Faculty Director, Professor Cricket Keating (right).


The students (above) are all smiles as they have their first taste of Sri Lanka. 

After arriving in Kandy, the students had their first field trip, visiting some of the main attractions of Kandy.


The students (above) pose for a photo in front of the scenic Kandy Lake.


The students take in the art at the Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth Relic) in Kandy, one of the most important Buddhist holy sites in Sri Lanka.


Professor Maddagama (above) gives the group some background on the holy temple.

The students then met their host families at the ISLE Center.


Noel McCann (Amherst) greets his host family for the first time at the welcome reception.

host families

The students sit down and chat with their host families at the ISLE Center after meeting them.


Dylan Fisher (Grinnell) shares a laugh with his new host parents (above) over a traditional Sri Lankan cup of tea.

After the initial greetings were out of the way, the students quickly transitioned to academics, beginning with their course in Sinhala language.

Sinhala Class

The students cheerfully listen to Sinhala instructor, Professor Liyanage Amarakeethi on their first day of class.

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