2011 Fall

Session II

During Session II, the students are very busy with elective courses, dance and drums, and preparing for independent study. The group also went on several fieldtrips, including to a temple for Buddhism class and a monastery where the students practiced their Sinhala with young monks.  

Tropical Economic Botany Field Trip

The students enjoyed a visit to Newara Eliya as part of the Botanical Imperialism course.  They visited a tea plantation and factory, as well as visited the area botanical gardens.  


Emma, Malik, and Erica learn about the process of making tea at Labboukelle Tea Factory on the way to Nuwara Eliya.


Kelsi, Malik, and Emma pose for a picture against the beautiful tea plantation.


Sumanasena, Meg, and Professor Campbell chat over a pot of tea.


After the tea plantation, some of the students visited Nuwara Eliya’s botanical garden. Chelesea an Erica pose for a picture.


Meg peaks out from amongst the greenery in the fern garden.




Sumanasena and the group next to a waterfall on the way back to Kandy.


Buddhism Class visit to Rajopavanaramaya Temple



Lily lights an oil lamp for the evening puja at the Rajopavanaramaya temple.



Emma washes the flower offerings before laying them on the alter.


Monastery Visit


The students took a fieldtrip for Sinhala class a nearby temple to chat with young monks. 



Malik discusses classes, cricket, and other subjects with a group of monks.


Kelsi enjoying her conversation with the monks. 


Sarah and Chelesea chat with a group of monks.

Kandyan Dance Recital

ISLE Students preformed for their host families and friends in a concert held at the ISLE Center on the 11th of November.  Students have been practicing throughout session two with dance master Peter Suresena.  


The students pose in their costumes for the elephant dance.



The students at the end of the dance performance with dance teacher Surasena and Tilshini who assisted with the classes.