Getting There

The students left their homes to connect to the international flihgt in Chicago early on Saturday before Irene hit the east coast. They arrived early enough at O'Hare to get to know each other and their program assistant Emily before they began they began their long flights.  Their flight rides were restful enough that they managed to remain fresh when they finally arrived in Negambo, the only international airport in Sri Lanka. In the words of 2011 fall program director, Professor David Campbell, the students are cheerful, laughing and terribly excited to be in Sri Lanka.

Here are a few photos from their journey and their first day in Sri Lanka.

Students meet at gate at O'hare

Before their international flights, the group met at the departure gate in Chicago with ISLE Executive Director Sree Padma Holt. Left to right: Kelsi, Alex, Emma, Meg, Chelesea, Sarah, Erica, Malik, and Mimi (front).

The students arrive in Colombo.

The group arrives in the airport in Colombo. Pictured left to right are: Meg, Emma, Mimi, Erica, Kelsi (front row), and Chelesea, Malik, Sarah, Alex, and Lily (back row).

Several of the students enjoy tea with Professor Campbell.

Mimi, Alex, Erica Meg and Sarah have tea with Faculty Director Professor David Campbell.

Meeting the Host Families

Two days after arriving in Kandy, the students met their Sri Lankan host family at a tea at the ISLE Center before they moved in with them. Following are some photos of the students and their host families.

Chelesea with her host parents, the Rajagurus.

Chelesea with her host parents, the Rajagurus. 

Mimi and the other Rajaguru family.

Mimi with her host parents, also named the Rajagurus.

Emma with her host family, the Attanayakes.

Emma and her host family, the Attanayakes.

Emma and the Ekanayake family.

Erica and the Ekanayake family.

Kelsi, Emily and the Jayamannes.

Program Assistant Emily stayed with the Jayamanne family when she studied with ISLE in 2009; here she poses with Kelsi and the family.

Lily and the Wirasinghes.

Lily poses with her host family, the Wirasinghes.

Malik and the Wasekeras.

Malik and his host parents, the Wansekeras.

Meg and the Navaratne family.

Meg with her host family, the Navaratnes.

Sarah and the Weerasooriyas.

Sarah and her host parents, the Weerasooriyas.


Alex and her host family.