Session II Field Trip Highlights

In addition to their classes and local field trips, the students also went on several longer field trips during Session II of this year's ISLE Program, including a trip to Panwila in the northern Kandy district, and a tour of the southern part of the country. Following are photos from some of the highlights from those longer trips:

Ethnicity class field trip to Panwila

Professor Tudor Silva led the students to Panwila, an area in the northern Kandy district, where they were able to do field work in a predominantly Muslim town and in an Indian Tamil tea estate. The trip provided the students a rare glimpse into both communities.


A view of Panwila

Meeting with ADFAGroup discussion

Above left, students first check in with ADFA, a volunteer organization in Sri Lanka working on youth leadership and sustainable development. Right, the group holds an out of doors discussion.

Discussion at a mosque, Panwila

Above, students engage Panwila's prominent Muslim leaders on questions of education, politics, and religion.

Visiting the estate housing complexProfessor Silva and Sasha

Above left, students head down to the housing complex where the majority of tea estate workers live. Above right, Professor Silva and Sasha chat while exploring the estate grounds.

Visit with a plantation familyAnother plantation family's home

Above students conduct interviews using Tamil translators in the homes of the estate workers.

Chantal, Josh, translatorsKaty and translator

Above left, Chantal and Josh and a student translator take shelter from the rain outside of the tea factory. Above right, Katy chats with university student translators while they wait for tea.

Ethnicity trip group photo

The group pose for a photo (from back left) Josh, Sasha, Rachael, Liza, Jen, Katie, Professor Silva, Chantal, University translators (front) Jess, Emily, Caitlin, Henry

The Southern Tour

The students, along with Professors Meddegama, Meegaskumbura and Jenkins, embarked on a three-day whirlwind tour to the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

The first stop was a visit to the Labukelle tea estate and factory.

Jess LabukelleGroup lunch at Lubukelle

Above left, Jess enjoys a quiet moment at Labukelle. Above right, the group grabs a quick lunch on the stairs of the Labukelle Tea Factory.

Dowa Temple

The group explores Dowa Cave Temple in Badulla.

Sita TempleSita Temple 2

The group made a quick stop at a beautiful Hindu temple said to be the place where Ravana held Sita captive.

BuduruwagalaEmily and Sasha at Buduruwagala

The group then headed to Buduruwagala, a Buddhist archaeological site in Wellawaya.


Group at KirindaJen at Kirinda

The students catch their first sight of the beautiful beach at the seaside temple of Kirinda.

On to Kataragama

Tisawewa rest stopKataragama coconut smashing

Above left: Professor Jenkins and Sumanasena work on cutting open melons for a quick snack on the way to Kataragama. Above right: Sumanasena helps Jess with her coconut smashing before entering the main area of Kataragama.

Kataragama- Group

Professor Jenkins chats with Liza, Sasha, Justin, Jess and Jen inside a Kali kovil in the Kataragama complex.


Group at GalleProfessor Jenkins and Henry at Galle

Then it was on to the fort at Galle, where members of the group posed for some pictures. Above left: Justin, Jen, Katie, Josh, Caitlin, LIza, Emily (left to right); above right: Henry and Professor Jenkins.

Turtle hatchery visit

Caitlin at the turtle hatcheryJosh at the turtle hatcherySasha at the turtle hatchery

Caitlin, Josh, and Sasha check out turtles of various sizes.


Jen's site visit

Jen chats with a director at the Kuwait Hospital in Puttalam, one of her potential options for volunteer work during her independent study.


Group at Kelaniya

The group poses at Kelaniya Royal Temple near Colombo on their way back to Kandy. Left to right: Professor Meegaskumbura, Jess, Justin, Jen, Katy, Rachael, Caitlin, Emily, Sasha, Liza, Henry, Josh, Chantal, Professor Meddegama, Professor Jenkins.