ISLE Program

Spring 2009 Photo Gallery

We will be adding photos here throughout the Spring 2009 ISLE program. Please scroll down for photos as we add them to this page.

Breakfast at the hotel

Before moving in with their host families in Kandy, the students spent a few days at a local hotel to get acclimated. Here, Damian, Andrew S., Joe, Andrew K., and Becky pause for a picture before devouring a breakfast of indi hoppers, pol sambol, and paripoo. Mmmmm mmmmmm!

Sandamali and monks 

Miss Sandamali stops to chat with a group of young monks. The Great Stupa of Anuradhapura may be seen in the background.

Emily, Carrie and Becky at Western Monastery

Emily, Carrie, and Becky take notes on Mr. Rajapaksa's description of the ancient urinal stone at Anuradhapura.

Group at Mahintale

Loku Andrew, Emily, Podi Andrew, Miss Sandamali, Becky, Carrie, and Joe get together for a quick photograph before exploring the site of an ancient monastery at Mahintale.


The golden light of an Anuradhapura sunset shines on Mr. Sumanasena's smiling face. Joe can be seen in the back seat of the van.

human stupa

Podi Andrew and Joe create a human stupa atop Pidurangala.

Carrie and Joe push Sigiriya

Carrie and Joe attempt to push over Sigiriya rock. Alas, their counter-efforts amount to nothing.

Carrie atop Sigiriya

Carrie takes a seat on one of the many brick walls on top of Sigiriya. 

Damian, Katie and Andrew K. at Sigiriya

Damian, Program Assistant Katie Hyman, and Podi Andrew find a staircase on which to sit while they look out towards the hills of up-country Sri Lanka.

Joe at the reservoir

Joe takes in the sunset over the reservoir at Polonnaruwa.

Carrie and Emily at reservoir

Carrie and Emily, silhouetted by the sunset, take notes during an evening lecture at Polonnaruwa.

Group at Siva Devale

After happening upon a puja that was in progress at the Polonnaruwa Siva Devale, the group puts their shoes back on and returns to the van.

Carrie at Lotus Pond

Carrie strikes a meditative pose.

Damian at Ayurvedic bath 

Damian proves that his 6 ft. plus frame can fit into an ancient Ayurvedic bath housed in an ancient Polannaruwa hospital complex.

Peradeniya Temple Stupa

University of Peradeniya Temple Stupa

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

A colorful view of Peradeniya’s Royal Botanic Gardens. 

Carrie, Becky and Emily at Gardens

Carrie, Emily, and Becky find shade under some vines at the Botanical Gardens.  

maligawa and lake

Dalada Maligawa and lake

Dalada Maligawa by day

Dalada Maligawa by day