ISLE Program

Fall 2009 Session III Activities

During Session III of the ISLE Program, the students carried out independent study projects on research topics chosen in consultation with faculty advisors.

The students conducted their research in a variety of locations,

Jen researces marine archaeology

from the Marine Archaeology Office in Galle, where Jen worked on her project,

Sarah in Ambalangoda

to Ambalangoda, where Sarah researched ritual masks.

Upon conclusion of the independent study period, they returned to Kandy for their final Sinhala exams, and to present their papers to the group as a whole.

Pete's Sinhala exam

Pete's final Sinhala exam. Left to right: instructors Miss Sandamali and Dr. Liyanage, and Pete.

Kate's ISP Presentation

Here Kate displays a graph of the Sri Lankan astrological system during her independent study presentation.

The semester ended with a final celebratory tea for students, staff and the host families.

Alex and his host family

Alex and his host family at the final tea.

Bryanna and her host parents

Bryanna and her host parents.

Dan and his host brothers

Dan and his host brothers

The guys in traditional dress

Dan, Alex and Pete in traditional Sri Lankan dress.

ladies in saris

Bryanna, Jen, Katie, Sarah and Kate in their saris.

group at final tea

(left to right): Program Assistant Katie Berringer, Jen, Pete, Dan, ISLE Office manager Rosemary Chunchie, Kate, Bryanna, Sarah, and Alex at the final tea.

We have prepared two photo galleries with more photos of these events:

Photos of the students' Independent Study Research, Sinhala Exams, and Paper Presentations


Photos from the Festive Final Tea