The ISLE Program is based in Kandy, a city of about 130,000 people in the central highlands of the island. Built around a lake, surrounded by forested hills and tea estates, Kandy has a mild tropical climate that attracts seasonal visitors seeking relief from the heat and humidity of less congenial parts of the island. The last capital city of the Sinhalese Kingdom, Kandy remains the center of traditional Sri Lankan culture. In the city and surrounding country side, music, dance, and other artistic and craft traditions are preserved and perpetuated to an extent rarely seen elsewhere on the island.

University of Peradeniya

Kandy is also home to the University of Peradeniya, the institution of higher learning with which ISLE has been formally affiliated since 1983. As students in the Faculty of the Arts at Univeristy of Peradeniya, ISLE students have access to the library, gymnasium, swimming pool, track, playing fields, and tennis courts. ISLE students also experience dorm life during the weekend dorm stay with Peradeniya students.

ISLE Center

The ISLE Program Study Center, located in Dangolla, is the hub of program activity. It contains an an outdoor pavilion where some classes and gatherings are held, all ISLE program offices, a beautiful garden, and an extensive library collection--now numbering over 4,000 titles--which supports ISLE's diverse academic course offerings. The ISLE Center is a short bus ride from the city of Kandy and a 30-45 minute walk to the University of Peradeniya.

Homestay Families

Each student lives as a family member with a middle class host family in Kandy. ISLE students describe the relationship with their families as one of the most important learning experiences of the program. It lays the foundation for an in-depth understanding of Sri Lankan culture. In addition to providing meals, families encourage language learning and include students in their religious and social activities. They make it possible for students to become actively involved in many aspects of Sri Lankan daily life.