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ISLE Board Meeting 2010

Story posted July 07, 2010

The 2010 ISLE Faculty Board Meeting took place at Bowdoin College in April.ISLE Board members met at the home of Bowdoin President Barry Mills and his wife, Karen Mills. At the dinner, Bowdoin President Barry Mills and ISLE Executive Director Sree Padma Holt signed the incorporation agreements for the Program

Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Music Cristle Collins Judd greeted the ISLE Board members at a meeting the following day.

The meetings continued into the following day, as the group convened for breakfast the next day.

2010 ISLE Board Meeting

Back row (standing, left to right): Professor Jason Carbine (Department of Religious Studies, Whittier College),Professor Mark Lincicome (Director of Study Abroad, Holy Cross College), Professor Roger Jackson, (Department of Religion, Carleton College),  Stephen Hall (Director of Off Campus Study, Bowdoin College), Professor John Holt, (Department of Religion, Bowdoin College),Professor Arjun Guneratne (Department of Anthropology, Macalester College, and Director of the American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies), Professor Jeanne Marecek, (Department of Psychology, Swarthmore College),  Professor Todd Lewis, (Department of Religious Studies, College of the Holy Cross). 

Front row (seated, left to right): Professor Trian Nguyen (Departments of Asian Studies and Art and Visual Culture, Bates College), Dr. Sree Padma Holt (Executive Director, ISLE Program) President Barry Mills (Bowdoin College),Professor Nikky-Guninder K. Singh, (Departments of Religious and East Asian Studies, Colby College), Professor Edmund Gilday, (Department of Religious Studies, Grinnell College), Karen Mills.

working board meeting

signing agreement

ISLE board breakfast meeting


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