Bowdoin Gateway

Institutional Research, Analytics & Consulting provides data to College departments for analysis, decision-making, and reporting and works across the College to help others maintain and use data effectively. 

Our Mission

We foster insights and inform conversations to promote the Common Good.
  • Advocate for the quality and integrity of College data
  • Provide relevant information and analytics to campus leaders for planning and decision making
  • Consult with campus departments to improve data collection, storage, and analysis
  • Support the College in its assessment of initiatives, programs, departments, and grants
  • Curate current and historical College data for official reporting and communications to internal and external audiences

Our Values

Excellence: We deliver superior quality in the work that we do.

Collaboration: We leverage the power of working together to produce better results.

Learning: We seek continuous professional growth and learning, and we advance understanding of data and analytics.

Integrity: We conduct our work ethically, honestly, and professionally.

Confidentiality: We protect the privacy of Bowdoin students, faculty, staff, and alumni and ensure the security of the data we collect and maintain.

Adaptability: We accept and embrace new challenges in order to improve our work and respond to a dynamic, evolving environment.


Physical Address: 216 Maine Street
Mailing Address: 5900 College Station, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 04011-8450