Reflective Teaching Project

A Grant from the Davis Educational Foundation

Project Overview

The overall goal of the Reflective Teaching Project is to facilitate meaningful thought and discussion among faculty about teaching and learning that will inspire appropriate change in curriculum and pedagogy.

In practice, the idea is to better enable the Office of Institutional Research to have an impact on the academic program by ...
(1) designing and conducting research on curriculum and pedagogy;
(2) designing and conducting research in conjunction with faculty at the level of the academic department or program or course; and
(3) undertaking meaningful assessment of learning outcomes in the liberal arts context.

The Reflective Teaching Project was funded for three years by the Davis Educational Foundation; 2003-04 through 2005-06.

Projects, Reports, Studies and Instruments

The College Curriculum

Goals of a Bowdoin Liberal Arts Education

Measures of a Bowdoin Liberal Arts Education

    First-Year Seminar
    Proficiency in Writing
    Proficiency in Quantitative Reasoning
    Off-Campus Study
    Information Proficiency
    Service Learning

Academic Departments and Programs

Christine Brooks Cote
Director of Institutional Research and Project Director

Elizabeth M. Reilly
Research Associate and Project Manager

Margaret F. Allen
Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Web Manager

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