Intramural Signup

Welcome to IM Sports! Before you sign-up please look over the expectations of program participants:

All participants are expected to adhere to all College policies while participating in Intramurals. The rules and policies are in place to help create and maintain a safe, fun environment for all participants. Not adhering to these rules may result in removal from games or from the league entirely.

In addition participants are expected to:
  • Be on time. It is important that teams show up to games and arrive on time so the games stay on schedule.
  • Please make every effort to show up for games. Teams must notify League Officials if they are unable to play in a game as early as possible. Games may be rescheduled if possible. No shows will result in automatic forfeit. If games cannot be rescheduled they will also result in a forfeit. 
  • Safety and appropriate conduct is very important. Fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct such as inappropriate language and cheap shots will not be tolerated.
  • All Bowdoin policies and rules are effect while participating in games. You are expected to honor the Social Code.
  • Return all equipment borrowed for games to League Officials immediately after games before leaving. Please respect the equipment and the venues you are playing in.
  • No alcohol is permitted at games. You will be asked to leave if you arrive to games intoxicated or are in violation of other College policies.
  • Captains serve as the point person for their team. They are responsible for reminding their team of game times and locations. In addition they are responsible for ensuring team members show up or communicating with league officials regarding scheduling conflicts.

Note: IM 3v3 Basketball, IM Badminton and IM Ice Hockey will begin in November 2014. Please ignore the dropdown box that says League and enter your team name. - Make sure to write which sport you're joining in your team name please.

Team Name:

Team Roster

Enter up to 10 team members. Complete all columns. The captain should be in the top row. 

In the last column please indicate which league you'd like to be in. Please note: A League - is perfect for those who have played competitively and is the advanced league. B League - is great for those who understand and have played the sport but have not played competitively. This intermediate level league is good for the moderately athletic. C League - This is the beginner league. This level is perfect for those who are new to the sport or are just interested in having a good time. A sense of humor, patience, and eagerness to have fun are a must for this league.

ID# Last Name First Name E-mail Class Year Gender SU Box Residence

As Team Manager, I submit the above list of individuals who are eligible to participate.

To register your team, submit this form by the entry deadline. Team managers will be sent a schedule through email.