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A page template is a layout of a web page without the content, kind of like a blueprint of a house that outlines the rooms of a house.  As a content owner, you can choose a different template for each page of your site.  

Academic Landing PageAcademic Landing Page

The academic landing pages are meant to be "stand-alone" landing page that introduce a user to the important content areas of your site.  They give the user a large center-top image that can be a slideshow or a single image and 2 to 4 "content buckets" in the body of the page.  You can see one in use on the Admissions site.  

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1-3-11-3-1 Template

The 1-3-1 template is a "blog template" with a large center column surround by two smaller columns.  It's good for pages that need to house a lot of information.  It's used extensively on the College Catalogue site and on the Academic Affairs site.  Often, the left column is used as a menu and the right column houses a set of links related to the page.  

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3-23-2 Template

The 3-2 template is a two column template with the larger column on the left.  It's good for pages that need a visual component but don't contain a lot of information.  You can't really use a submenu on the two column templates, so they tend to be good for "landing pages" where users jump off to other areas of the site.  The 3-2 template is used on the Parents Gateway and the Campus Life landing page.

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2-32-3 Template

The 2-3 template is the same as the 3-2 template, but the columns are reversed.  The left column is a good place for a series of images.  Examples can be found on the Academics landing page or the Multicultural Life page.

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1-41-4 Template

The 1-4 template is an excellent way to display a series of pages on a related topic (a sub-site) such as a handbook or other information-centric pages.  It has a menu in the left column and a large column on the right.  You are looking at an example of a 1-4 template page.

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