The Haunted Bowdoin Tour

Appify this tour. Bookmark this tour to your iPhone home screen to have it function like any other iphone app.

Open this page on your mobile device, and let it guide you through Bowdoin's campus to various places that have interesting, humorous, and even disturbing connections to the paranormal that have been collected over Bowdoin's 200+ years of existence. The tour is designed to follow a particular route, but if you prefer you can click on any stop to follow any route you like.

Not all locations mentioned are directly accessible to the public. Some buildings may close, and most basements are off limits. The tour tries to provide photos of areas that not everyone can get to. For a more hands-on experience, contact David Francis about scheduling a guided tour.

The haunted house icon at the top of every screen will return you to this page. The signpost will bring you to the list of tour stops. The parchment scroll icon, will toggle a Google Map of the tour with directions to each stop.

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The mobile version of this tour was created by Bowdoin's Interactive Media Group. If you have questions, suggestions, or need to report a problem, please email