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Interactive Media Group

Digital Media Team

The student digital media team plays an active role in Bowdoin's online communications and social networks. From Bowdoin's various digital properties (bowdoin.edu, bowdointalks.net, bowdoinoneday.com) and the Bowdoin Daily Sun, to its various social media accounts, the digital media team provides content and helps to manage Bowdoin's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Working with the Interactive Media Group, the team offers key insights on the Bowdoin student experience, and helps develop best strategies to engage both students and alumni. For more information, email hsherbur@bowdoin.edu.

Interactive Media Group - Rob Kerr, David Francis, David Israel, Holly Sherburne, Kevin Travers

Sophia Cornew

Sophia Cornew '14

Sophia came to the digital media team by way of recommendation, and when she told us that she has to limit the Bowdoin pictures she posts to her own social account, we knew she'd be a fit for the team. Sophia contributes to Bowdoin's Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as generates new ideas for engaging students and alumni on social media. A setter on Bowdoin's volleyball team, she's also a member of Reslife and the student athletic council president. She thinks the polar bear is the most epic mascot ever.

Katherine Gracey

Katherine Gracey '16

With an interest in Art History and the Bowdoin Museum of Art, we knew right away that Katherine would be a good fit to help ramp up the museum's presence on social media. She manages the museum's Twitter and Facebook accounts, meeting regularly with the museum staff and the Student Museum Advisory Council. A sophomore from Groton, MA, and Orr's Island, Maine, Katherine can be seen playing "fall ball" (bi-weekly captains' lacrosse practice) and sailing off of Bethel Point for the Polar Bears.

Luisa Lasalle

Luisa Lasalle '14

After a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Luisa returns for her senior year ready to share everything she loves about Bowdoin through our Twitter, Instagram, and Vine accounts. She hit the ground running early photographing the Class of 2017's move-in day and Orientation for the Bowdoin Daily Sun. Luisa helps manage Bowdoin's main Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the @BowdoinArts Twitter account. She is a sociology and biology double major from Colorado and a member of VDay.

Ruben Martinez '15

Ruben Martinez '15

Ruben, a computer science major from Brownsville, Texas, enjoys web development, connecting people, and Google. That combination of interests and skills led him to attend the 2013 Google I/O conference where he also became a Google Ambassador for Bowdoin. Upon his return, he initiated an #AskAdmissions Google Hangout with the Admissions Office, the success of which led to several additional Hangouts. Ruben now serves as a Google Hangout technical liaison for the Interactive Media Group. (Also, check out Ruben's Dining with Strangers website and app.)

Ali Ragan '16

Ali Ragan '16

Ali was recommended to the Interactive Media Group because of her talent and passion for making videos about Bowdoin, particularly student life. We quickly put her to work and she's produced several videos, including: Pepper FlipHomecoming WeekendPumpkin Pi, and 340 Miles North Student Art Show. Ali is English major and education minor with an interest in film studies (of course!). She's from Lander, Wyoming, and knew Bowdoin was right for her after only visiting for an hour. 

Mariah Reading

Mariah Reading '16

Mariah caught our eye on Instagram early in her first year at Bowdoin with her beautiful and fun campus candids. It wasn't long before we had to bring her on board to Instagram on behalf of Bowdoin. She also manages Bowdoin's Pinterest account. From Bangor, Maine, she set new swimming records during her first year on the team. She can be seen rushing to Farley for practice and spending late hours in Thorne and/or the VAC. 

Christine Rheem

Christine Rheem '15

A talent with PhotoShop along with an interest in graphic and Web design put Christine in our sights for work on the Bowdoin website, along with creating promotion materials for our social media efforts. Christine is a junior from Chapel Hill, NC, and her interests include folksy jams, Carolina basketball, and coffee.

Colin Swords

Colin Swords '15

Knowing how to wield a killer hashtag, Colin's efforts are focused on Twitter where you'll find him crafting tweets for the Bowdoin Daily Sun and other special events on campus. A computer science and math double major, he's delved into Facebook analytics and other special projects. Colin is a junior from Scarborough, Maine, which is a whole forty-five minutes away from Brunswick. He can often be found riding his unicycle or at super snacks.

Nina Underman

Nina Underman '15

Nina was recruited from the Student Employment Office early in her sophomore year where we spotted her talent for crafting witty tweets. She tweets for the Bowdoin Daily Sun, alumni events, uses Storify for monthly social reviews, and has expanded Bowdoin's social media efforts in a number of areas, especially at Bowdoin Social. During the summer of 2013 she developed the Bowdoin Summer Map featuring the summer jobs and locations of nearly 300 students. Nina enjoys being warm, avoiding birds, wearing her wolf shirt, and forwarding her mom's ridiculous emails to all of her friends. Nina will return to the team in Spring 2014 when she returns from a semester abroad in Istanbul, Turkey.