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Interactive Media Group


The Interactive Media Group is led by Mitch Davis.   

Rob Kerr, Associate Vice President for Interactive Marketing

Rob Kerr

Responsibilities: College marketing strategy, including oversight of digital communications and strategic marketing plan. Member of the College Coordinating Group (CCG).

Background and Experience: I began my career working in creative service for Viacom Radio Seattle.  In 1994, the web exploded and I worked with MTV Creative Services to launch the first web site for KNDD 107.7 The End - after that, I was hooked.  I spent the 90s in Seattle working at technology startups before landing at Amazon.com here I led the marketing efforts for Amazon.com’s Advantage program for independent publishers, musicians, and filmmakers.I came to Bowdoin in January of 2006 after five years as Director of Marketing & Information Services at Brown University’s Continuing Studies division.  

Phone: (207) 798-4253
Email: rkerr@bowdoin.edu

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David Francis, Sr. Interactive Developer

Responsibilties: Building web publishing systems that are intuitive, powerful, and integrated with internal business systems and external platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.   Drive functional design changes across the entire web site and develop new ways for the College to manage, publish, and maintain information. 

Phone: (207) 725-3933
Email: dfrancis@bowdoin.edu

David N. Israel, Senior Producer for Academic New Media

Responsibilities: Support and enhance the academic priorities of the College through the creative use of new media. Consult with faculty & Deans to develop engaging academic media projects involving web, multimedia, mapping, and interactive applications.

Background and Experience: Prior to joining Bowdoin, David spent a decade building brands as a creative director, technologist and strategist. He has worked at Disney, Young & Rubicam, USWeb/CKS (marchFIRST), and Active/Interactive. His clients have included Fortune 100 companies and a variety of cultural institutions.

Phone: (207) 725-3139
Email: disrael@bowdoin.edu

Holly Sherburne, Director of Social Media

Director of Social Media

Responsibilities: Development and execution of the College's social media strategy. Support the development and maintenance of the College's website, with particular focus on admissions and alumni relations.

Background and Experience: Holly served as webmaster at Bowdoin College from 2004-2006 before leaving to start her own business, a niche newspaper and web site which she sold in 2009. Most recently she was partner in a marketing agency that helped organizations used social media for strategic marketing and growth. Holly is author of The Maine Plate, a book of vanity license plates and their meanings.

Phone: (207) 725-3934
Email: hsherbur@bowdoin.edu

Kevin Travers, Lead Designer, Interactive Media Group

Responsibilities:Interface design, motion graphics, animation, and video editing. Project management for complex Web development projects and primary liaison with the Division of Information Technology.

Background and Experience:Kevin has been at Bowdoin since 2001 in various roles involving design, technology and project management. He has worked in Web design and multimedia since the early 1990s. A native of Wiscasset, Maine, Kevin studied art and design at the University of Southern Maine. He lives in North Yarmouth with his wife, Marcia, and young son, Zack.

Phone: (207) 725-3943
Email: ktravers@bowdoin.edu