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Motor Vehicle Safety

2011 - 2012 Campus Safety Committee
  • Cindy Bessmer, HR, Co-chair
  • Mark Fisher, Facilities Mgmt, Co-chair
  • Kim Bibber, Facilities Mgmt
  • Amy Boyd, Security
  • Karen Cook, Library
  • Kyle Downs, Art
  • Michele Gaillard, Dining Service
  • Mike Grim, Facilities Mgmt
  • Phil Hamilton, Facilities Mgmt
  • Michael Roux, IT
  • Julie Santorella, Biology
  • Tama Spoerri, HR
  • Kristin Steinman, HR
  • Jim St. Pierre, Athletics
  • Denise Trimmer, Student Affairs


carsThe College strives to ensure a safe working environment for all employees including employees who must drive as an essential function of their positions.  We encourage all employees to become familiar with the College Motor Vehicle Use Policy which emphasizes the use of College fleet vehicles and College-rented passenger vans.

Other Resources

AAA - American Automobile Association of Northern New England

ZipCar - "wheels when you want them" vehicles available on campus

Registering your vehicle with Campus Safety and Security

Upcoming Events & Classes

      Driver Safety Training
  • August 2011
  • September 2011

Quick Links & Resources

  • To report an emergency x3500
  • To report an accident x3837
  • To  report an unsafe working condition x 3763