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2012 Winners:  Mark Murray, Jose Ribas, Liza Greenwald, Kay McCarthy and Jeanne Bamforth (below)

The 2013 Polar Star Award Committee invites nominations for the Polar Stars Awards Program for Administrative and Support Staff. The Program will recognize five staff members for excellence and contributions to the "common good" of Bowdoin College in the areas of Innovation, Commitment, Customer Service, Leadership, and Teamwork.  The Committee will review nominations and recommend finalists to the President of the College. Winners will be announced at the all-campus picnic scheduled for June 11, 2013, where we can all join in celebrating their achievements. 

You may conveniently submit your nomination electronically by clicking on the ONLINE link below. You also may submit your nomination on paper (please use the printable form and submit one form per nomination please). We also will receive email nominations submitted to hr@bowdoin.edu. Nominations must be received in Human Resources by Friday, May 10, 2013, via the online form, email or paper format. Please print (or type) neatly if you are submitting the nomination on paper.

See apolarawardll past Polar Award winners!

2013 Polar Star Award Nomination form  PRINT VERSION (.pdf)

2013 Polar Star ONLINE Nomination Form