Administrative Exception Time Resources

In October 2013 all Bowdoin College administrative staff will record "exception time" using a new administrative version of TimePro.  "Exception time" is time during regularly scheduled hours when an employee is AWAY from the campus due to vacation, personal illness, appointments, illness of an immediate family member, jury duty, etc.   Please refer to the new TimePro Resource page for resources to assist you in recording and/or approving exception time accurately and on time.

  • Guidelines (step by step with screen shots) to RECORD and APPROVE Administrative Exception Time
  • Short animated tutorials illustrating the steps to RECORD or APPROVE
  • Administrative Staff TimePro Pay Type Codes and Descriptions
  • 2013 TimePro Schedule for Recording Administrative ExceptionTime
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Recording Administrative Exception Time
  • Frequently Asked Questions for TimePro Manager/Approvers
  • Exception Time CORRECTION FORM for previous month

Questions?  Please email Cindy Bessmer.  Thank you.