Employee Referral Program

Bowdoin College recognizes that employee referrals are an effective way to hire top talent. The Employee Referral Bonus Program rewards employees when their referral leads to a successful hire; $100 for a non-exempt position, and $200 for an exempt position, subject to standard taxes and withholdings. 

Employee Referral Submittal Form


  • All employees of Bowdoin College are eligible to refer candidates to open positions, with the exception of: Senior Officers, Directors, Assistant Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Search Committee members hiring for the position to which the candidate is referred and Human Resources employees. 

  • The following candidates are not eligible: A former employee, contract/agency employee who is currently employed or previously worked at Bowdoin College, student employee, immediate family member or alumni. Any questions on eligibility are at the final discretion of the Vice President of Human Resources.  

  • Referrals need to be submitted using the Employee Referral Submittal Form

  • Applicants should list the employee’s name as a referral on the application under the “How did you hear about this position” section.

  • There is no limit to the amount of referral awards an employee may receive.

  • Payment will be processed during the first pay cycle following the probation period.

  • The current and newly hired employee must be an active employee and in good standing to receive the bonus payment. 

  • The Office of Human Resources must approve all employee referral payments.

Employee Referral Program FAQ’s

Can I refer someone for a posted position who already works at Bowdoin College?
No, this program is for referring external candidates.

Can I refer someone if I am a supervisor?
Yes, as long as you are not part of the hiring decision and the position does not report to you, you are eligible for the referral bonus.

When will I receive the bonus payment?
A onetime payment will be processed during the first pay cycle following the three month probation period if both employees are still in good standing in their departments.

How will you know if I referred someone?
Please fill out and submit the Employee Referral Submittal Form and have the applicant list your name on the online application under the “How did you hear about this position” section.

Is there a limit on how many referrals I can make?
There is no limit to how many applicants you can refer.

Please direct any questions to: Employment & Staffing Coordinator, 207-725-3468 or Assistant Director of Employment and Staffing, 207-725-3491
Updated: April 2018