How do I let the College know that I am moving?

Where can I look at my pay stub?

Is there a place I can review my current benefit elections?

Welcome to Bowdoin’s HRforYou employee self-service program – a convenient computer tool for employees to access, review, and in some cases, change personal and payroll data directly from the College website.  For example, HRforYou enables you to review your earnings statements or set up a direct deposit.  You can use HRforYou to add or change your beneficiaries, or to estimate what your paycheck might look like if you changed benefit deductions using the HRforYou Check Calculator.  HRforYou is easy to use: it gives you control over making many updates to your benefits information; it allows you to see results or the status of submitted changes immediately; and it is available at any time since you may access the program through any computer with Internet service.  

Click here to access HRforYou.  You will need to know your HRforYOU username and password in order to log in.  For assistance with your username and/or password, contact Human Resources. 

Protect your password since it gives YOU access to your personal and confidential information.  Always log out of HRforYou and retrieve any personal printed material immediately.  Also if you are accessing your information from off-campus, be sure to use a computer with up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware software.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HRforYou Assistance Line (x7070) or Human Resources (x3837).