Employee Forms

To use the pdf files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to download and print these forms. To download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader please visit their site.

Application to Donate Hours to the Emergency Sick Time Bank [pdf]
Application to Receive Hours from the Emergency Sick Time Bank [pdf]
Contribution Form for the Bowdoin Staff Assistance Fund [doc]
Authorization Agreement for Automatic Direct Deposit [pdf]
Direct Deposit Fact Sheet [pdf]
Administrative Vacation Tracking
Form W-4
Form W-4ME
Polar Plus Payroll Deduction Authorization Form [pdf]
United Way/MaineShare Community Giving Form [pdf]

Performance Evaluation Forms :
Please visit our new online Performance Management system, Review

Employee & Supervisor Accident/Incident Report Forms [online] or [pdf]
Intermittent FMLA Tracking Template [pdf] or [.xls]
Additional Compensation Form [pdf]
Background Check Release Form [pdf]
Termination Form Instructions [pdf] / [doc]
Termination Form - Under 6 Months [pdf] / [doc]
Termination Form - Over 6 Months [pdf] / [doc]
Written Warning Form [pdf] / [doc]

Health Reimbursement Claim Forms
Please visit the Benefits section of HR's website to find the appropriate reimbursement forms.

Domestic Partner Information and Forms
Please visit the Benefits section of HR's website to find Information and Forms regarding Domestic Partnerships.