Bowdoin College
Administrative Vacation Tracking Form

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The following is a true statement of day(s) absent from work for vacation. It also notes any holiday saved day(s) to be added to available vacation balance.

Vacation days may be recorded as either a full day or half day (.5)

Date(s) Out    
Start End Vacation Holiday Saved
(E.g. 05/22/03)      (E.g. 05/22/03)       


If you worked the holiday, record the day worked in the holiday saved column. This includes only official college holidays. The College does not have a compensatory time off policy. You should not include any weekends that you worked

If the day off is due to a bereavement and the type of bereavement is not in accordance with the policy (refer to Employee Handbook for the definition of family member p.5-21) then available vacation time must be used.