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Special Students using the Tuition Assistance Program for Bowdoin Classes

Here are the steps to follow when you want to use the Educational Assistance benefit to enroll as a special student to take classes at Bowdoin and apply the Tuition Assistance benefit:

 1.   Thirty days before the beginning of the semester, fill out the application for educational assistance (http://www.bowdoin.edu/hr/pdf/tuition-assistance-reimbursement-application.pdf). 

2.    Have a conversation with your supervisor if the course times overlap your work hours.    Together, work out a written plan how the essential functions of your job will be covered while you are taking a class that conflicts with your regular work hours. 

3.    Ask your supervisor to approve and sign the written plan and your application form and send them to Tama Spoerri, Director of Human Resources.

4.     Ask your supervisor to send an email to Tama Spoerri (tsporri@bowdoin.edu), Vice President for Human Resources and copy Julie Bedard (jbedard@bowdoin.edu) in the Registrar's Office indicating that you have permission to take the class(es).

5.    Check with the course instructor to make sure he/she approves of and supports your registration in the class. 

6.    If you receive an email approval to take courses from Tama Spoerri, stop by the Registrar’s Office on the last business day before add/drop to pick up the required three forms.  Please bring a copy of your email confirmation with you.  

7.    Complete all three forms (Special Student Form, Enrollment Form and Add/Drop card), obtain your instructor’s signature(s) for each course on the Add/Drop card, and return all forms to the Registrar’s Office.  Please note, it will take 24 hours from the time your forms are submitted for you to have electronic services, including Blackboard.

8.    The Bursar will bill you for the cost of the course at the current special student rate after the conclusion of the Add/Drop period.

9.    Write a check to the College.  Save your bill and paid receipt.

10.   Complete the course with at least a C grade.

11.   Submit the official notification of your grade/transcript plus the bill and paid receipt to Human Resources.

12.   The College will refund the cost of your course after the conclusion of the semester.