Other Perks


The College offers a number of other great benefits and "perks" as outlined below:

AllClear Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft Repair Services

Employee discounts

Campus services

Copy center

Polar Plus (Dining Service, Campus Services, Copy Center)

Athletic facilities

Children’s Center
Parents or guardians who are employees of Bowdoin College are required to pay tuition via payroll deduction.  Consult the Controller's website for more information on tuition billing for the Children's Center.

Computer Loans
The Computer Loan Program assists regular full time/part time employees in good standing with the purchase of a personal computer and/or computer peripheral equipment.

Support Staff Advocacy Committee

Bowdoin Administrative Staff Committee

Dining Service

Emergency Sick Time Bank

Staff assistance funds

Notaries on campus

Zipcar membership

ZipCar is a car sharing program that provides  students, faculty, staff and community members 24/7 access to either a Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda CRV or small truck.  For more about Zipcar at Bowdoin, visit the Zipcar website.

Elder care resources