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2018 Benefits Information

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The College’s annual benefits Open Enrollment will be held Monday, November 6th through Friday, November17th for benefit elections effective January 1, 2018.

Enrollment will take place using Workday.  Please remember that your Workday username and password should be kept confidential and not shared with others who might be assisting you to elect your benefits.  Starting November 6th the enrollment can be located in your Workday inbox.  Check out the step-by-step roadmap to using Workday Open Enrollment. 

2018 Benefits Overview:

  • The College is pleased to announce that employee contributions to the Bowdoin College PPO Health Plan will not increase and will remain the same in 2018.  Employee contributions to the Bowdoin College High Deductible Health Plan Option #1 and Option #2 will experience small decreases!  

    • Except as noted below there will be no changes to medical plan benefits offered by the three plans.  Preventive services continue to be covered at 100% by all plans.  In addition, the two HDHP options include a basic drug list covered at 100%.

    • The PPO plan separate out-of-pocket Rx maximum will increase to $3,350 per individual and $6,700 per family in keeping with the new Affordable Care Act limits.

    • The individual deductible for the Bowdoin College High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) Option #2 will increase to $2,700 (up from $2,600 in 2017).  This change was not communicated in our campus meetings and became necessary due to a recent change in the requirements of Health Savings Account-eligible HDHP plans.  The family deductible for HDHP Option #2 will remain unchanged at $5,200.

  •  A Primary Care Physician (PCP) is an important part of managing your healthcare.  You must list a valid Anthem PCP identification number for yourself and each enrolled dependent.  The 10-digit PCP identification number can’t be provided by your doctor’s office.  You must obtain the number from Anthem’s site.  The number you last entered will be displayed in Workday on the enrollment page.  If you changed your PCP during the year with Anthem, you must also update it in Workday for 2018 for the name to be accurately displayed on your 2018 Anthem ID card. 

  • For employees enrolling in one of the College’s High Deductible Health Plan options, the Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution for 2018 will be:

    • High Deductible Health Plan Option #1 - $750 per Individual/$1,500 per Family

    • High Deductible Health Plan Option #2 - $1,300  (up from $1,250 in 2017) per Individual /$2,500 per Family

  • The Health Savings Accounts pre-tax contribution limits for 2018 will increase slightly to $3,450 per individual and $6,900 per family.  Please remember that the limits take into consideration a combination of the employee and the employer contributions. If you are age 55 or older in calendar year 2018 you may contribute an additional $1,000 HSA catch-up contribution.

  • Remember!   If you are a current HSA participant making your own HSA contributions in calendar year 2017, you will need to make an active election to contribute during Open Enrollment in order for your contributions to continue without interruption into calendar year 2018.  You can also begin contributing new or make a change to our HSA contributions outside of Open Enrollment at any time during 2018. 

  • Employee contributions for the dental and vision plans will remain the same in 2018. 

  • No changes to disability plans or life insurance plans.  The supplemental employee life insurance costs are based on your age as of each January 1st.  The costs specific to your age and salary will be displayed on your enrollment page.  

  • Open Enrollment is a great time to review/update beneficiary information for your College life insurance.  You can find the forms to update beneficiary information for your Bowdoin College Retirement Plan(s) here.

What’s Changing for 2018?

  • Group Dynamic will provide:

    • Improved customer service, employee portal and mobile app allowing you to access your account 24/7 to check balances, file claims, view account activity, etc.

    • Debit Card – Each participant in 2018, will receive a debit card for their account.  You can use the new debit card for claims or continue to submit paper claim forms.  IRS rules require that all transactions must be substantiated – even debit card transactions.  Only debit card transactions at providers/merchants who can electronically validate the expense at the point of sale do “not” require substantiation.  Always save itemized receipts for submission to Group Dynamic.

    • An automated dependent care reimbursement process allows you to submit one claim for the entire year and receive reimbursements as payroll deposits are made.  Group Dynamic also has a similar automatic process for reimbursement of monthly orthodontia payments.

    • For FSA claims you incur in 2017, you have a 90 day window into calendar year 2018 to submit for reimbursement to Combined Services.  If you have a medical FSA rollover (up to $500 per calendar year is allowed), the rollover will take place from Combined Services to Group Dynamic after the 90 day window. 

    • Claims incurred January 1, 2018 and going forward must be submitted through Group Dynamic.

    • Remember!!  You must make an active FSA election to participate in 2018.  If you enroll in one of the High Deductible Health Plan options, you can also elect a medical FSA but it becomes a “limited use” account and can only be used for qualified dental and vision expenses.  If you have a medical FSA rollover into 2018, the FSA will be governed by the medical plan you have elected for 2018.  For example, if you elect coverage in one of the high deductible health plan options for 2018, then your FSA will be a "limited use" FSA in 2018.  If you decide to enroll in the PPO health plan in 2018, then the medical FSA rollover for 2018 will be a full use FSA account.


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