Leaving the College

Leaving the College

Once you determine you are leaving employment at Bowdoin College, please notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Your supervisor will submit a Termination of Employment to Human Resources through Workday . Your termination date is your last day of actual work. Information about the end of any benefits you had in place through the College on your termination date will be mailed to your home address. This information is time sensitive. For this reason, please provide Human Resources with your forwarding address if you will be moving. This will also help us to make sure you will receive your W2 statement from the College at the end of the calendar year.

Health, Dental and Vision Plans

Coverage for these plans ends as of the 1st of the month following your termination date or the date of a reduction in hours which results in a loss of benefits eligibility. You and any covered family members at the time of your termination are eligible to elect continuation coverage through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). COBRA allows you to continue your coverage uninterrupted for a period of up to 18 months by paying the full premium cost plus 2% in administrative fees. You have 60 days from the date your coverage ends to elect COBRA. If the COBRA election form is completed and returned to Human Resources within the 60 day window, your coverage is reinstated retroactively to the date it ended. If coverage is elected, billing information would then be sent to you by the health, dental and/or vision plan carrier(s). The monthly COBRA costs are as follows:

2018 COBRA    
PPO HEALTH PLAN              

2018 COBRA                     HDHP - OPTION 1             

2018 COBRA                     HDHP - OPTION 2     

Employee Only $723.42

Employee Only $708.40

Employee Only $607.65

Employee/Spouse $1,596.41

Employee/Spouse $1,563.26

Employee/Spouse $1,340.93

Employee/Child(ren) $1,159.91

Employee/Child(ren) $1,135.83

Employee/Child(ren) $974.28

Employee/Family $1,596.41

Employee/Family $1,563.26

Employee/Family $1,340.93




Employee Only $36.03

Employee Only $7.61

Employee/Spouse $70.52

Employee/One $14.45

Employee/Child(ren) $83.77

Employee/Family $21.24

Employee/Family $126.90

Special COBRA Election Period for Dependents:
Covered dependents of employees can also elect COBRA continuation coverage for a period of up to 36 months if the loss of insurance is caused by such things as:

  • Death of the employee;
  • Divorce;
  • Loss of dependent child status ( child’s 26th birthday)

Medical and/or Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts  (also known as Flexible Spending Accounts)

You can also elect to continue your Health Care Reimbursement Account through COBRA for the remainder of the calendar year. Eligible expenses must be incurred prior to or on your termination date. It is important to understand that should you elect COBRA, your monthly contributions will be made on an after-tax basis. With this in mind, if you have enough receipts to allow you to claim the funds already deducted from your pay prior to your termination date, you may decide not to elect COBRA continuation coverage. If, however, you anticipate difficulty in claiming funds already withdrawn from your pay and you anticipate future expenses within that same calendar year, this may be a way to extend the period of time during which you may incur eligible expenses.  Please Note: An eligible employee can rollover up to $500 of an unused Health Care Reimbursement Account into the following plan year.  If an employee terminates employment any time during the plan year they will not be eligible for the rollover unless they elect COBRA for the remainder of the year and pay the COBRA contributions through the end of the year.

You have up to 60 days from your termination date to elect COBRA for your Health Care Reimbursement Account. If the election form is completed and returned to Human Resources within the 60 day window, your coverage is reinstated retroactively to the date it ended. If elected, monthly billing information will be sent to you by the College.

COBRA applies only to "health plans" (including medical, dental, vision, and medical reimbursement account plans). It does not apply to your Dependent Care Reimbursement Account. For a Dependent Care Reimbursement Account, however, you can continue to submit daycare expenses incurred during the remainder of the calendar year.

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance

Coverage for Basic and Supplemental Life insurance ends on your termination date.  You can apply to continue both the basic and supplemental life insurance plans, including any dependent supplemental life insurance coverage, by porting them as term life coverage or by converting the coverage to a whole life policy – a cash value policy.  To be eligible, you must complete and return the appropriate application (including the completed employer section) directly to Aetna along with the first payment within 31 days of your termination of employment.  The portability and conversion applications, along with Aetna’s rate sheet are listed below.  You may also call Aetna’s Life Customer Service Center to apply by phone (within 31 days) at 1-877-503-3448.

To request completion of the employer section of the application, please contact Mary Cote in Human Resources at (207) 725-3033 or mcote@bowdoin.edu.  For questions about how to complete the application or for verification of the rates, please contact Aetna at 1-877-503-3448.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

There is no option to continue Short or Long Term Disability Insurance.  Coverage for these plans ends on your termination date.

Retirement Plans

While working at Bowdoin you may have received contributions from the Bowdoin College 401(a) Retirement Plan with Fidelity Investments and/or you may have made contributions to a Supplemental 403(b) Retirement Account through American Century, Fidelity Investments and/or Vanguard.

Once your employment has ended, you may decide to leave the funds where they are or you may decide to transfer the funds (then or at a future date) possibly to an IRA or to your future employer’s retirement plan (if allowed by their plan). You may also decide to withdraw part or all of the funds as cash, although you would be required to pay taxes on the withdrawal and a penalty for early withdrawal if applicable.

To discuss your options and/or to initiate a transfer/withdrawal, please contact the appropriate retirement carrier listed above. They will provide you with the paperwork. When the paperwork is complete, please forward it to Human Resources to verify that your employment with the College has ended.

Vacation and Sick Time Balances

Any accrued but unused vacation time will be paid to you automatically in your last paycheck from Bowdoin.

There is no cash value to any accrued but unused sick time.  You may decide to donate half of your remaining sick time balance to the Support Staff Emergency Sick Time Bank at the time of your termination of employment.