Domestic Partner Benefits

Bowdoin College offers health, dental, vision and supplemental dependent life insurance benefits to domestic partners of the opposite or same gender.

Federal law precludes employees from paying for a domestic partner’s insurance with pre-tax dollars.  In addition, the College portion of insurance payments for the domestic partner is taxed as imputed income (please see the Domestic Partner Tax Information sheet below).

In order for a domestic partner to be eligible for coverage the partnership must be in existence for at least 12 months prior to the effective date of the coverage (see Certification of Domestic Partnership and Dependent Form below for additional eligibility criteria and details).  Coverage for a partner can be elected during the annual Open Enrollment period or due to a Qualified Event within 31 days (applies to Health and Dental benefits only).

If you are thinking of adding your domestic partner to your benefits plans, please read and review the following and make an appointment to meet with Mary Cote (X3033) in Human Resources.