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Human Resources

Acknowledgment of Online Benefit Plan Documents

By choosing electronic delivery [clicking “I agree” below],

You acknowledge that you have received and read the Pre-Consent Statement.  (Click here for a copy of the statement.)

You consent to receive and view certain Bowdoin College benefit plan documents electronically via the Human Resources Benefits website (http://www.bowdoin.edu/hr/benefits-perks/index.shtml) instead of receiving paper copies by mail, including summary plan descriptions, summaries of material modifications, and similar documents.

You confirm that you are able to receive e-mail notices that electronic documents are available for viewing online.

Your consent is effective until further notice from Bowdoin College or until you revoke your consent by accessing this page again and clicking on " I do NOT agree" below.  There is no charge for revoking your consent and receiving paper documents. In addition, you may request paper documents at any time without charge by calling the Bowdoin College Human Resources Department.

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