Date Posted:08/08/2006,  11:30AM

Students Honor King at Falmouth Road Race

BRUNSWICK, Maine - After watching the Falmouth Road Race from the sidelines in the summer of 2005, Bowdoin student Taryn King was inspired. Motivated by the thousands of competitors that passed her by, she set a personal goal to compete in the 2006 race.

Now, nearly eight months following her sudden and tragic death, a handful of Bowdoin students will be running the race for her. Inspired by their memories of her contagious spirit, they plan to run in the August 13th race in her honor.

Last summer, the family of Bowdoin student Rebecca Ginsberg '07 was in Cape Cod during the annual Falmouth Road Race. The competition, considered one of the best races in the nation, is used as a fund-raiser to benefit numerous non-profit community organizations. Taryn was visiting for the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the festivities.

"As we stood there as spectators, Taryn spoke of wanting to run in the race," recalls Ginsberg. "She couldn't understand how I could be content just watching people run by without wanting to get out there myself."

The plan was the brainchild of Taryn's field hockey teammate Burgess LePage '07 and Ginsberg, who put the idea together while spending time together last spring.

"I decided to email a bunch of our friends and Taryn's teammates to see if they would like to join," says Ginsberg. "I can't tell you the number of e-mails I received back saying how every time they ran or worked out they pictured Taryn floating down the field hockey field or seeing her pony tail bop up and down as she ran on the treadmill at the gym."

Ginsberg will be joined by Bowdoin students Dave Donahue '07, Valerie Young '08, Matt Chadwick '07, Ashley Conti '07, Taylor White '07, Holly Maloney '07, Kevin Mullins '07, as well as her parents.

"We're all doing this for her," says Ginsberg. "To remember our amazing friend that left us way before her time."

For more information about the race, you can contact Rebecca Ginsberg at or visit the Falmouth Road Race website here: