Player Bio: Ingrid Oelschlager

Number: 12
Year: 11
Position: M/D
Hometown/School: Roanoke, Va./Phillips Exeter
Height: 5-4

What sports did you play in High School? What honors did you earn?
Varsity Field hockey (team captain, all-star team) varsity basketball (all-star team) varsity lacrosse (team captain, all-star team, MVP)

What academic honors did you earn in High school?
High honors at Exeter, German award

What is your major/minor?
Undecided (possibly Econ, with a minor in Spanish)

Favorite TV show or movie of all time?
The OC, The Holiday, Gladiator, Lost

Funniest memory of a Bowdoin lax practice?
Black vs. white handball

Favorite class at Bowdoin?

Most important lesson I have learned being a part of this team?
Hard work and fun can be accomplished simultaneously

Last summer I?
I worked at an all-boys camp in Maine

One thing you want to do before you graduate?
Live in the tower