Player Bio: Kauri Ballard

Number: 02
Year: 10
Position: M
Hometown/School: Ridgefield, Conn./Ridgefield
Height: 5-7

What sports did you play in High School? What honors did you earn?
I played lacrosse for four years, varsity soccer for three years, played basketball, and ran track. I was the FCIAC Scholar Athlete for varsity soccer and lacrosse my senior year. I also received the Tiger Pride Award in soccer for good sportsmanship.

What academic honors did you earn in High school?
I was on the high honor roll every quarter and received awards for achievement and excellence in History, French, Mock Trial, English, and Computer Art. I was also a member of the National Honors Society.

What sports do you play at Bowdoin? What honors have you earned?
I received the "Turf Monster" award my freshman year because of my frequent lack of grace.

What is your major/minor?
I plan on majoring in Government and Legal Studies and minoring in Education or English.

What extracurricular activities do you do at Bowdoin?
I am a tour guide, a proctor in a freshmen dorm (Appleton), and a member of SAVO. I also work at Georgetown Pottery in Brunswick.

Favorite TV show or movie of all time?
When Harry Met Sally

Favorite meal at Bowdoin?
Mac and cheese.

Favorite class at Bowdoin?
Education 101

Favorite memory from the Wlax Florida trip?
When my grandfather, Papa John, left a message on our Liz's cell phone thinking that it was my cell phone. Liz was surprised to get his message and everyone cracked up when they found out that I call him Papa John like the pizza chain.

What I like best about my team?
Everyone on the team is genuinely nice. My freshman season was definitely my favorite season of lacrosse so far because I loved the team. The upperclassmen were so accepting and made the transition onto the team much smoother.

Most important lesson I have learned being a part of this team?
Being able to laugh at yourself is a key to success in life.

Secret talent?
I can wiggle my ears.