Player Bio: Walt Shepard

Year: 2010
Hometown/School: Yarmouth, ME

Walt began skiing at age 2. He was born in "skitown U.S.A." Steamboat Springs. He moved to Maine at the age of 3 and began competing at age 10 in the Bill Koch league. He attended Yarmouth High School outside of one year where he studied in Sweden at one of the National Ski Academies. Upon graduation from High School, Walt went on to the Junior National team as a full time athlete and spent the next five years training for Biathlon.

In 2002 Walt attended the Junior World Biathlon Championships where he placed 14th in the sprint, leading the first leg of the relay. He also enjoyed the 2001 Siberia Junior World Championships, his first international event with over 2000 spectators. His first biathlon race was at age 12 in Bethel, Maine where he cleaned one of the stages in the race... after that he was hooked on skiing and shooting.

Outside of skiing Walter loves to cook although he finds little reason to do so now that he has the Bowdoin College Dining Services at his disposal. He also loves bird hunting particularly the pursuit of partridge and turkey, it was a natural progression from biathlon to hunting.

Skiing at Bowdoin, Walt is looking for a chance to compete against a large field on a regular basis. He would like to develop more as a cross country skier with the goal of competing in the 2010 olympics in the biathlon in mind. He likes Bowdoin as an opportunity to remain in southern Maine for an extended period of time and the potential that a Bowdoin degree will leave for him in the job market once he has graduated.

Walt's favorite wax is HWK, a German glide wax brand. He skis on Madshus skis and boots and strongly prefers OneWay poles.