Player Bio: Matt Bowers

Year: 2010
Hometown/School: Frisco, CO

Matt Bowers has been skiing since about age 5 competitively in the nordic discipline and alpine skiing since age 3. He attended Summit High school in Frisco, Colorado. His favorite venue to ski at in high school was Soldier Hollow where he had the opportunity to ski 3 years in a row and loved the terrain.

He also enjoyed the races at Durango which were "always costume races... there was usually a jump somewhere on the course... Big air etc." It was at one of these races that he had the strangest experience of his skiing career. He had dressed as a woman, borrowed a lady friend's jeans, and even had her flip out his hair (which was long anyway) in a trendy girl's hair style. He later found out that "the competition had been checking [him] out, and liked what they saw..."

Longboarding gets Matt around the campus and previously the passes of Summit county. He played with the Bowdoin JV Soccer team this fall. He left a Classic Rock cover band behind when he left the Colorado to head to Maine. Matt really liked the feel and atmosphere created by the people on the campus, the pines, and the fact that it was close to the Atlantic ocean in addition to the typical academic motivations for attending Bowdoin. Long skis and roller skis are the order of the day for Matt, who "love[s] the scenic Maine foliage," though he had never roller skied due to the presence of snow in Colorado.