Player Bio: Jeff Bush

Year: 2010
Hometown/School: Minneapolis, MN

Jeff started skiing as a toddler and did the Barnebirke 3 times between grades 1 and 7. He began competing his freshman year at St.Louis Park High school. His parents urged him to join the Nordic ski team in high school but he joined the team only after hearing that they played Frisbee at Captain's practices.

Once he started, he really loved the sport and plans on continuing here at Bowdoin. He prefers classic skiing over skate skating and enjoys the "tuck" technique. He also prefers longer races. In high school he participated in the Kortelopet every year in addition to one 23k classic race. He was also active on the JO circuit.

In his spare time Jeff enjoys going on wilderness trips and has found a home with the Outing Club in that respect. He rows for the crew team in the fall and spring but also enjoys Frisbee and soccer. He sang for his church choir all through high school and is an active member of the Gospel Choir at Bowdoin.

Jeff is looking to step up from high school skiing to the college level and hopefully "leave the team better off than when [he] found it." Ideally he would like to ski on the carnival circuit and score points for the team. Over the past summer he went on a canoeing and backpacking trip in the arctic starting in the Brooks range in Alaska and paddled west to the Pacific over the course of 5 weeks "we had one morning we were so tired we just slept in the canoes and let the current take us downstream."