Player Bio: Peter Brandstatter

Number: 71
Year: 10
Position: OL
Hometown/School: Niles, Mich./Niles
Height: 6-4
Weight: 250

What attracted you to Bowdoin College?
Initially what attracted me to Bowdoin was when I was in 8th grade and went with my older brother, on his college visit. He decided to look at Bowdoin and after leaving campus that day and being able to meet Coach Caputi, Bowdoin grabbed my attention as an 8th grader. What made Bowdoin appealing was hearing Coach say what he expects out his players and what a great education Bowdoin has to offer. Ever since my 8th grade year to my junior year, I would check and see how Bowdoin was doing in their athletics. Come summer going into my senior year, and planning my college trip I was excited to see Bowdoin again, and when I visited, Bowdoin did not let me down. In my senior year, my grades were good and Bowdoin was my #1 one choice. Due to the college's academics, location, size and having a chance to play four more years of football, it was an easy decision to say YES to when I got accepted.