Player Bio: Steph Collins-Finn

Number: 24
Year: 09
Position: GK
Hometown/School: Menands, N.Y./Albany Academy
Height: 5-5

What sports did you play in High School? What honors did you earn?
Field Hockey and Lacrosse?. ('05): All-State Field Hockey Goalie, New York State High School Athletic Association First Team All-Star Lacrosse, ('04): Patroon Conference Field Hockey All-Star, New York State High School Athletic Association Field Hockey All-Star

What academic honors did you earn in High school?
('05): Capital Region Scholar-Athlete award, ('04): Hamilton College Award for excellence in oral and written communication

What sports do you play at Bowdoin? What honors have you earned?
Lacrosse?.('07): 2nd team all-NESCAC, 1st team all-Region, 3rd team All-American.

What is your major/minor?
American Government Major, Undecided Minor

What extracurricular activities do you do at Bowdoin?
IM Hockey

Favorite TV show or movie of all time?
Dazed and Confused/ Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Funniest memory of a Bowdoin lax practice?
Whenever someone trips over their own feet on the turf it pretty much makes my day

Favorite meal at Bowdoin?
Chicken Fingers or anything with Mashed Potatoes?.or a good old fashioned PBJ (on toast of course)

Favorite class at Bowdoin?
From Brain to Behavior (Bio 85)

What I like best about my team?
No other group of people understands why I'm willing to play in sub-zero temperatures with snow so thick we can't see each other.

Best advice I've ever been given?
Take care of your feet, take care of the ball

Secret talent?
I can walk on my hands

One thing you want to do before you graduate?
Win a national championship