Player Bio: Tom Cook

Year: 2009
Hometown/School: Manchester, NH

Tom started skiing as a sophomore in high school because he wanted a way to stay in shape through the winter to keep up with an active lifestyle throughout the rest of the year. He enjoyed a lot of success in the New Hampshire Division I ski circuit as the captain for the Manchester Central High School his junior and senior years. He won the division championship his senior year leading the team to a divisional victory, the first ever for Manchester High. He was also the first ever Manchester skier to go to the Eastern High School Championships for New Hampshire.

In college Tom prefers the 20k skate races and cites coach Hall as a big asset to his training and preparation for these lengthy events. He works at the Moulton Union Dining hall during the ski year and participates casually in the outing club. He also enjoys mountain biking in the off season. He decided on Bowdoin as his college of choice because he wanted the opportunity to ski on the carnival circuit for his College where he might not have been able to do so at another school, he also really enjoyed the atmosphere created by his fellow students, the friendliness stuck out above other factors.

Tom once received $5 for wearing "a really awful pink spandex ski suit" in a race where his coach deliberately sabatoged his skis in the name of science. Tom is contemplating majoring in Economics and the study of Religion. He really likes puppies "amongst other young mammals."