Player Bio: Maresa Nielson

Year: 2009
Hometown/School: Plymouth, NH

Maresa started skiing at age 1 and a half and started racing at age 5 in the bill koch league in Plymouth, New Hampshire. She attended the Holderness School where she played soccer, skied, and cycled. In High School she thought she might switch to snowboarding but decided last minute that she would stick with Nordic skiing.

Maresa decided to attend Bowdoin because of her college visits. She had visited Colby the first afternoon of the weekend, and Bates the following morning. It was raining torrentially, that afternoon she visited Bowdoin and the clouds parted from the sky and it was beautiful.

In her free time Maresa participates in the Book Buddies program reading to youngsters once a week, and works at the library. Her favorite dining hall is Thorne of which she says "I really love the ambiance."

One day in high school Maresa was in the middle of her team's relay and the relay squad was doing very well, half way through the race she switched skis on the course due to severe icing on her klister. When she reached the finish line she discovered that was "not okay." It disqualified the Holderness team in the Lakes Region Championships. She recalls a more shining moment in Bill Koch ski league when she "was like eight," she beat all the boys in her age group. Maresa anticipates a season full of comraderie from her teammates, and growth as a skier.

On the training environment at Bowdoin:

"Training conditions here are pretty good. I like that we don't need to travel far to go for overdistance rollerskis, or a place to get on snow. The only thing I wish we had more of are mountains, but, coming from New Hampshire, I'm a little spoiled by close mountains. "