Player Bio: Krysia Crabtree

Year: 2009
Hometown/School: Durango, CO

Krysia Crabtree hails from Durango, Colorado and started skiing a long time ago, approximately the 5th grade. She skied and played soccer for Durango High School, alpine skiing in the breathtaking rockies in her spare time. Krysia knew that she wanted to ski in college and the change of scenery attracted her to Bowdoin though, "the west is the best, and it always will be." Krysia's favorite place to ski is the Colorado Rocky Mountain School, of which teammate Elissa Rodman is an alum. Krysia?s older brother Chad was a shaping influence on her Nordic skiing career.

At Bowdoin, Krysia is planning on majoring in Spanish with a minor in Chemistry. Krysia likes chemistry but refuses to take Physical Chemistry which rules out a potential major. Someday she would like to be some unspecified type of doctor.