Player Bio: Bobbi Dennison

Number: 13
Year: 08
Position: M
Hometown/School: Freeport, Maine/N. Yarmouth Acad.
Height: 5-8

What sports did you play in High School? What honors did you earn?
Soccer...MVP '03, All New England '03, Class C Player of the year ?03 Basketball?MVP '02-'03 and '03-?04 Lacrosse?All American and Academic All American '03 and '04

What academic honors did you earn in High school?
Highest honors 2000-2004

What sports do you play at Bowdoin? What honors have you earned?
Soccer?2nd team All NESCAC '04,'06 Lacrosse?1st team All NESCAC '06, 3rd team All American '06, 2nd team All-Region '07

What is your major/minor?

Favorite TV show or movie of all time?
Friends, but ER is a close 2nd

Funniest memory of a Bowdoin lax practice?
Lets be honest, watching people fall for no reason is pretty funny, and it happens all the time on our team. My particular favorite goes to Steph, during 7 v 7, when she started to fall, tried to catch herself, and ended up floundering about the crease for a few seconds before righting herself?while most of the team continued playing, somehow unaware of her situation.

What is your go-to pump up song?
AC/DC Thunderstruck

Favorite class at Bowdoin?
Physiological Psychology

Most important lesson I have learned being a part of this team?
Having close relationships and good team chemistry off the field is half the battle in becoming successful on the field

Last summer I??
Worked at Bowdoin researching the feeding behavior of star fish

One thing you want to do before you graduate?
Win a NESCAC championship