Player Bio: Lyndsey Colburn

Number: 15
Year: 08
Position: M
Hometown/School: Concord, N.H./Concord
Height: 5-9

What sports did you play in High School? What honors did you earn?
Volleyball, Captain 2003 and 2004, Best Server 04, First Team All State 02,03,04, Basketball, First Team All-State 04 Lacrosse, Captain 04, First Team All State 03, 04, Female Athlete of the Year, 2004 Academic All-American for each sport

What academic honors did you earn in High school?
National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Excellence in Biology & AP Statistics

What sports do you play at Bowdoin? What honors have you earned?
Lacrosse, Captain 2008 Volleyball (2004)

What is your major/minor?
Major-Visual Arts, Pre Med Minor-Biology

What extracurricular activities do you do at Bowdoin?
Obvious; Outing Club; Pre-Orientation Leader; Mentor; Art Club

Favorite TV show or movie of all time?

What is your go-to pump up song?
Bittersweet Symphony, Verve Pipe

Favorite meal at Bowdoin?
Macaroni and Cheese (with the cripsies) and I am a huge fan of Bowdoin Granola!

Favorite class at Bowdoin?
Sculpture II with John Bisbee. Enough said.

Favorite memory from the Wlax Florida trip?
Liz in her Durango driving through yellow lights as the other three vans desperately try to keep up. Not to mention our annual dinners at Cheesecake Factory!

Most important lesson I have learned being a part of this team?
Success as a team is so much more gratifying than individual success. You not only have amazing people to share it with, but you overcome much more to achieve it.

Last summer I??
Drove across country and studied abroad in New Zealand!