Player Bio: Jessica Paris

Number: 06
Year: 09
Position: 3B
Hometown/School: Rye, N.Y./Harrison
Height: 5-5

Jessica (JP) Paris returns for her third season this spring. After two seasons, the team will look to her solid glove for continued consistency in the field. Academically, JP is double majoring in Art History and Visual Arts and minoring in Italian. Last fall, she was at a study abroad program in Florence, Italy. While abroad, she took an Italian Culture Conversation class, a High Renaissance art history class, a Florentine Villa history class and a Photography class. For fun, JP likes to draw, paint, listen to music, go to concerts, go to sports events (GO YANKEES!), go on long drives, work out, and travel. She graduated from Harrison High School in Harrison, New York. She is the daughter of Gordon and Luciana Paris and has a younger 17 year-old sister, Sabrina. She used to have a bird, but she gave it away to her grandma, who now claims she and the bird get into fights about the temperature in her apartment. True story. JP loves to jump in puddles and is an official varsity eater and plans to beat Coach in an ice cream eating contest at DQ in Florida this spring.

What's your favorite team memory?
Probably at any point when we were down in Florida. The best thing is that the team gets to know each other and we bond... and go to DQ every night. That, or the time when we went to Bates to play and our favorite team song "My Heart Beats Fast" came on their warm-up mix and our whole team busted out dancing in the middle of warm-ups. It was a classic moment.

What's your favorite class at Bowdoin?
I really enjoyed my Advanced Italian class I took this fall semester. Although it was very challenging, the professor was a very charismatic person who just made the class interesting and worth the challenge. I think it really helped improve my Italian as well. I also enjoy all of my art classes, but so far my favorite one was Painting I. Professor Mullen is a great person and was always very encouraging and motivating with every project and every person's style in the class.

What's on your iPod right now?
Pretty much everything. I like all kinds of music, but I am particularly a fan of punk-rock. i.e. Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Angels and Airwaves, plus44, New Found Glory... and lots more. I like classic rock and usually the top hits on the radio.

Who/What is your biggest influence in your life?
Without a doubt, my father. He has always been my number one fan, and I have always been his. We understand each other so well, and he has always given me the confidence I need to do the best I can, whether it has been on the field or in school. There have been very few of my softball games or track meets he has missed. I just feel more comfortable when he is there watching, so that after each game we can have our usual analyzed play by play talk. If you come to the games, you will get to know Gordon well; he will be there often.

What's your favorite Bowdoin thing?
Bowdoin thing? Does it have to be tangible? Well, I mean the softball team is by far my favorite thing here at Bowdoin. My teammates are some of my best friends and we have a great time no matter what the circumstance. I have never played with a better group of girls before, and I treasure every moment. Also, I could say my favorite Bowdoin thing is Sunday and Wednesday night sundae bar OR the c-store's chocolate covered pretzels. Yup.

What are you looking forward to this season?
Seeing what this new team is all about. The team worked really hard in the off season this fall and I cannot wait to see where it brings us and what we can accomplish. Also, going to Florida and going to DQ.