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History students have numerous chances to carry out historical research outside the classroom setting. From institutional fellowships to independent studies to working as research assistants, Bowdoin College and the History department provide resources and opportunities for students to pursue their historical interests and work closely alongside faculty. Each year, several students choose to conduct Honors Projects, the highest level of work in history offered at Bowdoin. Honors offers students a semester- or year-long experience in intensive research and writing. Honors projects give students the opportunity to work extensively on a project of their own design in close consultation with faculty advisors. Just as importantly, the honors seminar allows students to participate actively in a growing community of scholars.

2014 Golz Fellowship Winners

In its first year, the Golz Fellowship has awarded two students funding to pursue a pLara AdoumierojeMatthew Liptrotct related to their study of History. Lara Adoumie '16 will be researching a project entitled "The Private Politics of India's Partition: Exploring Female Agency in the Face of Violence," and Matthew Liptrot '16 will be interning this summer at the Pejepscot Historical Society. The Alfred E. Golz Fellowships support research opportunities and internships for History majors and minors during the summer months. These fellowships have been made possible by a generous gift from Ronald Golz '56 in memory of his father.

Interview with Edward Mahabir '15Photo of Edward Mahabir

This project interested me because I want to examine how people perceive their past, and how that perception influences their national pride and identity. To research that, I want to look at two historical figures, Catherine the Great and Nicholas II, each of whom represented crucial moments and identities in Russian History. I'm going to examine different biographies, relying as much aspossible on Russian sources.

Interview with Sarah Levin '13Interview with Sarah Levin '13

Ihave been researching medieval and early modern gynecological and obstetrical texts. I am lookingspecifically at the ways in which male physicians wrote about women and their bodies. In the works I have surveyed, I have come across a very clear tradition of misogyny and I am investigating how these attitudes towards women would have impacted everyday medical practice.

Interview With Jenny Goetz '15

Professor Roberts is currently working on a project about how the domestic Interview With Jenny Goetz '15lives of French Enlightenment savants intersected with their public lives. I started my project by investigating if the trends she discovered in France also occurred in 18th century Britain. From there, I narrowed my topic to just the eccentric Lunar Society, a philosophical society in British Midlands.

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