Honors Projects Archive

The following honors recipients completed honors theses in 2015-2016:

  • John Milo Mahaffey Branch- The Beat Cop is Back: Community Policing and the Politics of Crime in Post-1960s New York City

  • Lucy Knowlton- Margaret Sander and the Discursive-Transformation of the Birth Control Movement in the Early Twentieth Century

  • Martin Alexander Krzywy- Wrong Side of the Road: The Slow Death of DC's Midcentury Interstates

  • Matthew James Liptrot- Iberian Wars and Draft Evasion: Census Under-registration in the Second Century Roman Republic

  • Daniel A. Mejia-Cruz- From Morality to Method: The Nominalist Origins of Modern Historical Theory

The following honors recipients completed honors theses in 2014-2015:

  • Emily Athanas-Linden - Rules of Engagement: Charlotte Forten's Navigation of Identity in the Civil War Sea Islands

  • Brenna Fischer - Hallowed Thrones and Hollow Crowns: An Inquiry into the Theory and Practice of Deposition and Regicide in Medieval and Early Modern England

  • Jennifer Goetz- "Seeing Bolshevik":  Stalinist Values through the Camera Lens

  • Matthew Goodrich - Climates of Crisis: Nietzsche, Heidegger, and the Modern Age

  • Edward Mahabir - Imagery and Empire: Visual Representation and Political Authority in Imperial Russia, 1762-1917

The following honors recipients completed honors theses in 2013-2014:

  • Eduardo Castro - “En la Unión Está Fuerza:" Social Activism and Latino Identity in Postwar Milwaukee

  • Diana Lee - Signs of the Hour: Law and the Final Years of Slavery in British Colonial Berbice

  • Helen Newton - Bridging Observation and Exploration: Charles Marie de La Condamine as an Enlightened Man of Science

  • Georgia Whitaker - Reconsidering Operation Condor: Cross-border Military Cooperation and the Defeat of the Transnational Left in Chile and Argentina during the 1970s

The following honors recipients completed honors theses in 2012-2013:

  • Katherine Elizabeth Doble - The Angolan War: Forging Transnational Memory

  • Eric Edelman - Spreading the Neoliberal Gospel to Chile: The Chicago Boys, Democracy, and Dictatorship from 1956-1990

  • Katie Fitch - Tainted Bodies, Pure Souls: The Virgin, the Bride, and the Mother as Manifestations of Feminine Holiness in Late Medieval Europe

  • Sarah Levin - Mining Women's Secrets: Gender, Medicine, and the Natural World in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

  • Molly Porcher - Continuity and Change in Representations of African History in American Public Schools

  • Tasha Ann Sandoval - Memory Collection in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The District Six Museum through Oral History, Exhibition and Community

The following honors recipients completed honors theses in 2010-2011:

  • Wesley Rockwell Fleuchaus - From Colonization to Emancipation: Lincoln's Allegiance to the Disappearing Center

  • Ellen C.S. Kimball - The Fourth Reich: Argentina's Welcoming of Nazi Fugitives During the Peron Era

  • Nicholas Updike Pisegna - "Beisbol's Been Very, Very Good to Me": The Evolution of Major League Baseball Labor Markets in Cuba and the Dominican Republic

  • Elyse Terry - Demonstrating Unity: A Consideration of Protest and Response as Mechanisms of Change on College Campuses

  • Alexander Stetson Vertrees - Pick up the Pieces: German National Character after the Holocaust

  • Leah Kate Weiss - The Creation and Dissolution of an Einheitgemeinde: Jewish Identity in Berlin from 1945-1953

The following honors recipients completed honors theses in 2009-2010:

  • Fatoumatta Kunjo - Casamance Histories: Lalo Kebba Drammeh's Performance of the Ngansu-Masing Epic

  • James Scott Neely - Conflicting Ideology: The Provisional Irish Republican Army and Their Catholic Base

  • Scott Walter Ogden - An Uncommon Devotion: The Marriage of Franklin and Jane Pierce and the Reassessment of a President's Personality

  • Brian Ward Powers - Practice and Protest: Early Black Physicians and the Competing Demands of Professional Life and Racial Activism

  • Leah Alexandra Stecher - "The Right of Invention": Revisionist Authors of the First Crusade

  • Nicholas James Stone - Reclaiming the Past: Vico, Voltaire, and History's Redemption