Faculty Web Projects

Heiji ScrollsHeiji Scrolls: This project allows for viewers to see a high quality images of the Burning of the Sanjo palace, an iconic scene of the Heiji Scrolls that is housed in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The tutorial explains how to view the scrolls, and also provides analysis of the individuals and armor depicted in them. The project represents a collaborative work between Tom Conlan and Kevin Travers.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Digital ArchiveJoshua Lawrence Chamberlain Digital Archive: Provides users the opportunity to explore Chamberlain's life and legacy. It draws primarily from Bowdoin College's generous Chamberlain collections, offering a digital archive of documents, images and biographical information. Project was a collaboration between Professor Patrick Rael, Honors Student and Gibbons Summer Fellow David K. Thomson '08, The Department of Archives & Special Collections, and David Israel of The Bowdoin Design Group (Communications).

Prof. Tom Conlan: Mogol ScrollsMongol Invasion Scrolls: This project permits users to view scrolls depicting the Mongol invasions of Japan in the 13th Century. The site includes reproductions of the original scrolls, as well as several reconstructions from later periods. Comparison of the scrolls reveals much about the military and social practices of medieval Japan. An interactive map reconstructs the invasions. Project designed by Prof. Tom Conlan, in conjunction with the Office of Educational Research and Development.

Flight to FreedomFlight to Freedom: This interactive website permits users to experience the plight of enslaved African Americans who "stole themselves" and escaped to the North. Players adopt the persona of an actual fugitive slave, and encounter experiences drawn from primary historical sources. Project designed by Prof. Patrick Rael, in conjunction with the Office of Educational Research and Development.