The Bernstein Faculty Seminar

The Bernstein Faculty Seminar was established by Roger Berle in memory of his beloved friends and neighbors, Dr. and Mrs. Bernstein. The Bernstein Faculty Seminar brings a distinguished historian to campus each year to present a seminar to department faculty.

The 2018-19 Bernstein Faculty Seminar speaker will be Sophia Rosenfeld​, Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania.  She will present  “Democracy and Truth: A Short History.” 

Sophia Rosenfeld

Democracy and Truth have a complicated and delicate historical relationship that dates to the era of the American and French Revolutions. Has this relationship now finally come to an end? Have we entered, as many commentators have suggested in the last two years, the era of post-truth? This talk will try to answer this question by situating the present moment in the long histories of both technocratic and populist challenges to democratic truth, as well by considering what's new in the 21st century, in the US and around the world, when it comes to thinking about facts, knowledge, misinformation, and lies in politics.