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Thomas Conlan - Dispatch from Research Abroad

Story posted April 25, 2012

Thomas Conlan - Dispatch from Research AbroadI have just finished my latest monograph, "From Sovereign to Symbol" which has just been published by Oxford Press, and I am currently in  Japan on a Japan Foundation Grant. I departed for Japan on August 2, and will remain there through late July 2012.  I have been to Kyoto, Kanazawa, Yamaguchi and Fukuoka and expect to travel more in Japan.

The Ouchi were the most powerful daimyo family throughout the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, and relied upon cultural patronage as much as military prowess per se to assert their authority. Intriguingly, they also claimed descent from an ancient Korean prince, and these claims did not hinder their ability to achieve extremely high court rank and influence in sixteenth-century Japan. 

Thomas Conlan
Professor of History and Asian Studies

Photo of me by Rurukoji, a five story pagoda built by the Ouchi in 1441. 
— October 2011