PRÁCTICA DE ACENTOS (Todo tipo de palabras)

Spanish Accentuation Rules

1. If a word ends in -n, -s or a vowel, and the next-to-last syllable is not stressed, an accent is needed.

2. If words with all other endings do not stress the last syllable, an accent is needed.

3. If the vowels i, u are stressed and combined with a, e, or o, an accent is needed.

4. Question and exclamation pronouns have accents (cómo, dónde, qué, quién, cuándo, cuál, etc.).

5. Only a few one-syllable words have accents to signal different meanings:

give él he/him más more me I know yes tea you
de of, from el the mas but mi my se pronoun si if te you tu your
1) Listen to each word to hear where the stress is.
2) Click on the stressed syllable of each word.
1) Escuche la palabra para oír cuál es la sílaba tónica.
2) Pulse la sílaba tónica de cada palabra.
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